Startup : Incubator

A 8 week startup incubator that will help you get a proof of concept for your startup idea out in the world.

Startup : Incubator

The challenge

You have no idea how to turn your idea into a business

How do other successful companies start and become successful?

Taking an idea out of your head and breathing life into it is hard.  You don’t know where to start or more importantly what to focus on.  You lose hope and the feeling of failure keeps you from pursuing the idea at all. What is holding you back?


You have no idea if your idea is a business

How do you even know if your idea could work? Do people actually need what you are proposing? You don't have major cash to burn to test your idea. You don't have time to drop everything and pursue this idea.


You think your idea might work, but how do you start?

You don't have the time. What if you fail? What are the pitfalls to look out for? Why do some founders make it look so easy? Why do so many startups fail? What if I fail?


Will I make any money and if I do, how much?

Ok, you decided to go for it, but will you make any money? What should I charge for my product or service? Will people be willing to pay for this? How big can this business get?


You need a change, now.

You need a change. You have been working in a corporate job for way too long. You have been promising yourself to start your own gig for too long. You need to take the leap. The time is now.

I'm Pelser, your mentor

I have been working on startups for more than 20 years.

Every obstacle a new entrepreneur might face, I’ve seen it.  From having an idea but no clue how to get started, to starting a business with no product and figuring out how to make it work.  I have been through the struggle of startup more times than I care to count.  Through the years, I have learned what works and what doesn’t work, what looks shiny but actually stinks and what looks like a bad idea at first but have massive potential.

I have mentored, coached and trained countless budding entrepreneurs through the years and understand what it takes to start and grow a business.

Try this

Get out of your head and start moving, quickly.

Starting a business is all about, well … starting your business.  Starting is as simple as starting.  It sounds like a cliché, but there is a reason for this.  

Making smart decisions once you start, is where the craft of startup comes in.

Imagine taking that idea for a business that you have been walking around with in your head and finally start building it.  Imagine waking up in to morning with purpose, knowing that you are spending your precious time on earth working on something of value.  You have money in your pocket that you earned doing what you love.  Imagine building a business that changes the world.  All of this is possible with the right vision and a solid plan to get there.


Start already.

There is genius in getting started. You create momentum by starting.  You align your intent when you start. Every minute you think about your idea and don’t take action, is a wasted minute.  Every minute you use to work on your idea is a victory. 

Want to build the next Amazon? Start selling stuff from your home.  Want to be the next Uber? Start delivering stuff on your bike. 

There is genius in starting.


Move quickly.

You have the advantage of agility.  Work on your idea, test it in to market and rework your idea. Keep changing it up, keep tweaking your idea but most importantly, move quickly.  The time to move quickly is now.

Don’t settle on your idea too quickly, stay hungry, stay open.  Pull the right strings at the right time and you will set yourself up for success.


Solve a real problem.

Not all ideas solve real problems.  You need to solve a real problem in real time for your business to grow.  Keep looking for that real world problem to solve.  When you develop something that solves a real problem for real people, you have a business.  With the right processes, focus and guidance, you can build your dream business.

Startup : Incubator

Tap into our experience.

You can build a business on your own, but our experience is available to you. We have made the mistakes, found the best ways to start a business and understand what works and what doesn’t.  You will have to work hard no matter which route you choose, but we developed this programme to give you the best chance of success.

The Chapter2 Startup : Incubator has the sole purpose of guiding you from business idea, to a real life proof of concept.

We have done it over and over for many founders and can guide you too.

We want you to succeed in a massive way.


What you will learn

(Click on each module to view further details)

In module 1 we dive into what entrepreneurship actually is and you discover which type of entrepreneur you are (yes, there are different kinds of entrepreneurs, each with their own strengths and weaknesses!).  We also look at how world-famous successful entrepreneurs approach entrepreneurship and why they are successful.


You will also take a deep dive into yourself.  You will find out (with surprising accuracy) what your personality type is and how to harness your strengths and develop your perceived weaknesses in order to succeed with your startup.  Starting a business is as much about mastering yourself as mastering your ideas and this module will help you to master yourself.

First principles thinking is a fancy way of saying “think like a scientist.” Scientists don’t assume anything. They start with questions like, What are we absolutely sure is true? What has been proven?

In week 2, we will look at First Principle Thinking, why it is such an important philosophy for entrepreneurs and how world-class entrepreneurs use First Principle Thinking to build highly successful companies.

Deciding on what your initial brand is going to be, is an exciting and creative process. Your brand will evolve over time, but in this module, you will create your initial brand and decide what your company will look and feel like.

Remember – most companies change their branding as they grow, but as a startup founder, you have to start somewhere and build your brand as your company evolves.

The Lean Startup Methodology will give you a preliminary blueprint for your startup idea, helping you get your idea out of your head and onto paper as quickly as possible.  

This week, you will start to unpack your idea for a startup and investigate whether your idea has the potential to be a revenue generating business. 

You will look at the problem you are solving with your startup, what the current alternatives are and figure out why your solution is better than the current alternatives. 

This week you will learn the configure your Unique Value Proposition, determine your Unfair Advantage and look at what your customer segments will be.

This week you will work on your figuring out what your initial cost structure will be and secondly, determine what your revenue streams will be.

The aim eventually is to make more money than you are spending.

Pricing your product or service is not simply thumb-sucking a price out of thin air – there is an actual science behind it.

Do you understand the difference between cost-based pricing and value-based pricing? How do you test different price points and decide which one is best?

This week, you will develop a strategy for pricing your product or service, learn how to optimise pricing and test your different price points.

This week is all about creating a mind-blowing pitch for your startup idea.

The pitch you create will be used when approaching investors and possible clients.

What your Chapter2 Startup Incubator journey will look like:

Your journey

What your Chapter2 Startup Incubator journey will look like

30 focused, hands-on startup training lessons

Our Entrepreneurs receive intense, hands-on startup training in an online learning environment, where we challenge our entrepreneurs weekly to grow and evolve. Most of our entrepreneurs go from having only an idea, to having a real life proof of concept by the end of the programme. We also provide a certificate of completion at the end of the programme.

Work in a cohort

Startup life can be lonely at times.

That is why we designed the incubator so startup founders can work through the programme with other founders that are also busy building their startups.

You receive the support and encouragement that you need from fellow founders and build networks that could last a lifetime.


This is where the magic happens. 
Our entrepreneurs have access to inspiring, seasoned entrepreneurs, where we provide guidance and feedback whilst you plot your route to startup success and set goals for the week ahead.  We constantly challenge our entrepreneurs to stretch their perception of what is possible.  

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Startups that came through the incubator

You are in good company

From fintech, to renewable energy, from edtech to delivery service ideas.  Our founders have world changing ideas and they are choosing Chapter2 Startup as their growth partner.

Going to university is an exciting part of your education journey. The cost of everything needed for university, not so much. Unimar is your one stop online marketplace to make some cash by selling your previously-loved stuff or buying previously loved stuff for your university journey.

Koola is transforming financial support for micro enterprises, centered around creating a digital lending platform that serves the needs of informal markets and township economies. The vision is to drive growth in this sector in a time where the world is rebounding from the pandemic and moving more towards digital services. This will be achieved through utilizing innovative risk models and alternative data sources.

Offers translating services and publication of written media from English to different African Languages. Reading not only for education but for leisure will be more popular when people are confident about the language they are reading.

Toilet Paper Unlimited was established to address the problem of boring toilet paper events. We all need toilet paper. We all use toilet paper daily. Why not make it a memorable experience? Toilet Paper Unlimited will supply high quality, eco friendly toilet paper to our customers and ensure a memorable experience when using our products.

A cloud based software solution for online learning, making the process of online learning more accessible and enjoyable

"Cultivating Self-Care and Inspiration to Help Working Women Balance Life and Work"

Sunray future is an innovative startup, focusing on speeding up South Africa's transition to renewable energy.  The company provides services to small, medium and large enterprises.  

Instru-Pedia is a real- time, centralized information system for all learning institutions. The platform will host all instrumentation within each department, will show their availability and functionality in real time, as well as a reliable booking system and/ or contact information of the responsible person.


Frequently Asked Questions

The incubator is an online programme with 8 modules and 30 lessons that our founders work through.  You enroll and start working through the content in a cohort with other students also working on their startup ideas. The course content is designed to guide you from concept to launching your business.  It is interactive, functional and will challenge you to really start building your business.

We are confident that the programme will help you achieve your startup goals, so we offer a 7 day money back guarantee.  If for any reason you are not happy with the programme within 7 days from starting, you can request a full refund, no questions asked.  

The Chapter2 Startup :Incubator is not right for everyone.  But if you have a great business idea and need someone to help you start your business and grow it continuously, the incubator is for you.

We are serious about pushing founders to work effectively on their startup ideas throughout.

This is why we designed the programme so founders work in a structured, cohort based environment, with weekly goals and target to meet.

You will need approximately 2 hours per week to work through the programme

Throughout the course, you will have access to a seasoned entrepreneur, who will guide you on your way, ask the right questions at the right time and invest time into making your idea work.  The continuous mentoring happens mostly via online chat but founders do schedule Meet sessions if and when necessary with their mentors too.  Once you have completed the programme but want to continue being mentored by a Chapter2 Startup Mentor, we do offer mentor only options to our founders too.

The incubator will not build your business for you.  We are proud to say that the founders we allow on the programme, are all committed to their ideas and really put in the time and effort to build their ideas into revenue generating businesses.  Our role is to show you the possibilities and teach you to focus on the right things at the right time.

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R990 payable in 3 installments

At Chapter2 Startup, we have one goal:

To help you, the Entrepreneur, go from having a business idea, to generating revenue with your business idea.

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