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Full, premium access to the Chapter2 Startup Accelerator. The Accelerator is like steroids for a startup idea. The Accelerator programme takes any startup idea from any founder with any amount of experience and money, and systematically builds the startup idea from only having an idea, all the way through to a revenue-ready business. If that wasn't enough we also give you our Chapter2 Startup magic potion we call Continuous Mentoring, where you will have mind-blowing mentoring throughout your Accelerator journey from a seasoned entrepreneur and business coach, 24/7 all throughout the Accelerator.

90 day full access to all Chapter2 Startup Workshops designed for the busy startup founder. The Chapter2 Startup Workshops happen live and online and you choose dates and times that suit your busy schedule. We cover everything from Idea Validation to Startup Business Planning to Customer Acquisition strategies and many more startup topics.

Your very own website, customised for your specific startup. This is not some template that you download and then have to figure out how the heck to actually build a website. We PHYSICALLY build your website for you. Web designers charge R20 000+ for the very same service. You give us the domain you will be using and what we will give you, is your very own website, with all your own branding, wording and the functionality that you need. Whatever your website needs to be, we will build it for you! Imagine having your business online, ready for willing and hungry clients to buy from you - it will be a game changer for your startup.

Your very own Chapter2 Startup Mentor. You get 1 month access to your very own Chapter2 Startup Mentor. The mentorship programme is a game changer for startup founders in that you will have direct access to a seasoned entrepreneur that understands the ins-and-outs of starting and growing a business. We will even let you choose how to interact with your mentor! Live video calls, Whatsapp, Email, you choose what works best for you. It’s basically like a supercharged co-founder for your startup.

BONUS: A customised go-to-market strategy for your startup that will supercharge your startup business from the get-go. We show you what to focus on when launching your startup and how to carve out your place in the market. Who will be your initial clients? How will you get them? How will you grow? What should you look out for when starting out? We give you all of this!

Save R19,503.00 and get all of this for the screaming good deal of just R597


Save R19,503.00 and get all of this for the screaming good deal of just R497

Some of the feedback we have received from our startup founders!

Some of the companies that have gone through our accelerator programme!

Koola Capital is transforming the way township and informal businesses bank.

Toilet Paper Unlimited is on a mission to brighten up your toilet events.

Unimar lets you buy and sell stuff online, focusing on students and young professionals

Sunray Future is bringing renewable energy to your door.


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Save R19,503.00 and get all of this for the screaming good deal of just R597

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