Some of Our Startups

Sunray Future

Sunray future is an innovative startup, focusing on speeding up South Africa's transition to renewable energy.  The company provides services to small, medium and large enterprises.  

Toilet Paper Unlimited

Toilet Paper Unlimited was established to address the problem of boring toilet paper events. We all need toilet paper. We all use toilet paper daily. Why not make it a memorable experience? Toilet Paper Unlimited will supply high quality, eco friendly toilet paper to our customers and ensure a memorable experience when using our products.

Koola Capital

Koola is transforming financial support for micro enterprises, centered around creating a digital lending platform that serves the needs of informal markets and township economies. The vision is to drive growth in this sector in a time where the world is rebounding from the pandemic and moving more towards digital services. This will be achieved through utilizing innovative risk models and alternative data sources.


Going to university is an exciting part of your education journey. The cost of everything needed for university, not so much. Unimar is your one stop online marketplace to make some cash by selling your previously-loved stuff or buying previously loved stuff for your university journey.

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