Live Workshops

Idea Validation Workshop

Is your new startup idea worth pursuing? Let us take it through our battle-tested process so you know if your idea is worth pursuing before you start. Before you spend any money on building your idea, you first need to assess if your idea is feasible and viable. This will give you the insights to know if you should move forward, pivot or try something else. This process should always be the first step for any Founder with a new idea. In this 90 minute online workshop, we will guide you through figuring out this all important aspect of your startup idea.

Startup Business Plan Workshop

You have a idea for a startup and need to get started on building your business. How do you turn your idea into a business? Getting a plan down on paper is a good start and every entrepreneur should get a plan down on paper when starting out on a startup journey. In this 90 minute online workshop, we will be guiding you through getting your business plan out of your head and into a workable business plan. The workshop will give your idea life, by showing you that an idea could actually become a business if you understand what to focus on.

Customer Acquisition Workshop

You have a product ready, but how do you find your first customers? Your first customers will be invaluable to you in the long run. In this 90 minute online workshop, we will systematically take you through the steps to find your first customers and use these first customers to grow not only your brand, but your client list too. After you complete this live workshop, you will have the exact blueprint for finding your first customers and how to grow your customers base consistently.

Pricing Strategies for Startups Workshop

So you have a winning product or service. You have done the work, you have a functioning startup. The big question now is: What price are you going to charge for your product or service? The good news is , you don’t have to thumb-suck a price for your product or service. We can help. In this 90 minute online workshop, we will show you the science behind pricing your product or service. We will take you through the steps to determine what price point you should start out with and how to optimise your pricing. When done with the workshop, you should have a clear picture of what your pricing strategy should be.

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